08 Jan
Je Suis Charlie

Nous sommes tous Charlie

I feel sad. I am upset. I am not a satiric cartoonist. The most daring thing I ever drew was a baby in a crib wearing a Santa hat. And I’m glad I did. Because I expressed my opinion.

I am entitled to have my own opinion and to speak my mind. Be it in writing, in illustration or in spoken word. Doing so, I will probably offend someone. I don’t care. Feel free to share your own opinion with me. I’ll listen. And if you have a point, I’ll say it.

But keep this in mind: THINK. Research. Read. Listen. Learn. You are obligated to use that wonderful brain of yours and to think, REALLY THINK for yourself. Change your opinion if you feel you need to. Or stay blank if you can’t make up your mind. But don’t simply follow other people’s rules. Don’t simply do something just because it’s been done for years. Don’t believe something because other people tell you to.

Oh and please, don’t hurt others because they don’t share your thoughts.

Thank you.

25 Nov

Hurrah! A website is born.

What joy! The day Awful Artwork has its own little place on the interwebs has finally arrived. And not unlike anything else that has just come into this world, this website doesn’t do much yet except from the occasional eating, sleeping, and most probably pooping too.

Don’t worry though. It’s just a phase.